NCGIA Initiative 16 I-16 Proceedings I-16 Research Papers I-16 Bibliography


Held October 28-29, 1994 Tempe, AZ

National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis
and the Center for the Study of Law, Science and Technology
Arizona State University College of Law

Note: Authors retain copyright in the following papers and should be contacted rather than the publisher for use that may extend beyond "fair use" under U.S. copyright law.Citations to articles and page numbers should refer to the hard copy version of the proceedings which is available from the NCGIA.


Introduction: Law and Information Policy for Spatial Databases
Onsrud, Harlan and Robert Reis

Access to Government's Spatial Information

Establishing a Legal Setting and Organizational Model for Affordable Access to Government-owned Information Management Technology
Archer, Hugh

A Review of Alaska's Public Information Access Laws
Brown, Kay

A Case for Commercialization of Government Information Products and Services
Dando, Lori Peterson

Remote Sensing Law: Obstacle or Opportunity for GIS
Gabrynowicz, Joanne

Promoting a Free Access or Minimal Cost of Dissemination Arrangement for Government-Held Geographic Information Systems Data
Matsunaga, Keene and Jack Dangermond

Should Local Governments Sell Local Spatial Databases Through State Monopolies?
Perritt, Henry H. Jr.

Issues Concerning Access to Electronic Records
Petersen, Barbara

Spatial Databases and Information Policy: A British Perspective
Rhind, David

The Value of Geographic Information. A review of international policies in cost recovery, privatisation, and commercialisation of information gathering and dissemination
Rybaczuk, Krysia and Michael Blakemore

The Public Interest and the Cost of Government Information: Experience under the Federal FOIA
Sobel, David

Data Policies and the National Spatial Data Infrastructure
Tosta, Nancy

Revisions to OMB Circular No. A-130: "Management of Federal Information Resources"
Weiss, Peter

Intellectual Property Rights in Spatial Databases

Lessons from the Past: Legal and Medical Databases
Branscomb, Ann Wells

Copyright, Licensing, and Cost Recovery for Geographic and Land Information Systems Data
Holland, William

Copyright in Electronic Maps
Karjala, Dennis

Rights in Government-generated Data
Litman, Jessica

Contested Markets and the Optimal Breadth of Copyright Protection: The Example of Surveyors' Plans of Survey
Siebrasse, Norman and John D. McLaughlin

Protecting Privacy in Using Geographic Information Systems

Privacy and the Intersection of Geographical Information and Intelligent Transportation Systems
Alpert, Sheri and Kingsley E. Haynes

In Plain and Open View: Geographic Information Systems and the Problem of Privacy
Curry, Michael

Privacy Protection in Geographic Information Systems: Alternative Protection Scenarios
Flaherty, David

Marketing Community Perspectives on Protecting Privacy
Gordon, Thomas G.

Protecting Indigenous Peoples' Privacy from "Eyes in the Sky"
Madsen, Wayne

Some Information-Age Techno-Fallacies and Some Principles for Protecting Privacy
Marx, Gary

Protecting Personal Privacy in Using Geographic Information Systems
Onsrud, Harlan J., Jeff P. Johnson & Xavier R. Lopez

European Perspectives on Privacy
Raab, Charles

Liability for Spatial Data

Local Government Liability for Erroneous Data: Law and Policy in a Changing Environment
Anderson, R. Jerome and Alan R. Stewart

A Call for GIS Certification
Ayers, Lawrence F. and Clifford A. Kottman

Liability in Private Sector Geographic Information Systems
Johnson, Jeff P. and H. Bishop Dansby

A Case Study in the Misuse of GIS: Siting a Low-Level Radioactive Waste
Disposal Facility in New York State
Monmonier, Mark

Exploitation of Intellectual Property by Electronic Chartmakers: Liability, Retrenchment and a Proposal for Change
Obloy, Edward J. and B. Helen Sharetts-Sullivan

Tort and Criminal Liability as a Function of the Right to Control Content
Perritt, Henry H.

Spatial Data Analysis in the Formation of Public Policy and its Acceptance as Evidence: A Litigator's Perspective
Simmons, Terry

Research Agenda
Onsrud, Harlan

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