Workshop on Access and Participatory Approaches in Using Geographic information

Spoleto, Italy, December 5-9, 2001

The objectives of this workshop are to (1) assess the current state of research on access to geographic information and on geographic access theory, (2) evaluate the impact of evolving policy and legal trends in the U.S. and Europe on access to scientific and technical data generally and geographic data specifically, (3) assess the current state of research on participatory approaches surrounding the use of geographic information, (4) explore commonalities and differences in U.S. and European directions of research within these arenas, and (5) develop a joint U.S./European research agenda on geographic information access and participatory issues.

Proposal to NSF resulting in financial support for U.S. participants in the workshop

Call for Statements of Interest

U.S. Participants: Abstracts and Bios

Keynote Addresses on Access and Participatory Approaches

Tentative Program (Detailed Program)

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