Welcome to Hengshan Li's Webpage. I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Maine in the Spatial Informatics Program, School of Computing and Information Science under Dr. Nicholas A. Giudice. I am currently a research assistant of VEMI lab . My general research interests are spatial cognition and indoor navigation. My Ph.D. research focuses on exploring the optimal visual interface for facilitating indoor navigation in multi-level buildings, based on the spatial cognitive process and psychological background.

Before I came to the United States, I had been a GIS programmer for four years in China after I got the M.S. degree in 2006 from Wuhan University. The dream of developing the most user-friendly GIS systems motivated me to go abroad to purse my Ph.D. in spatial cognition. As soon as I came here, I found spatial cognition is far more than improving user experience in using systems. It is scientific research which needs me to explore unknown fields rather than merely resolving specific questions. My high level goal for my Ph.D. research is to think as a scientist. I really enjoy my Ph.D. study. So far, so good.

In my spare time, playing the guitar and playing basketball are my hobbies. I also like Taiji boxing, nunchaku, calligraphy and Beijing Opera. To know more about my research, please navigate through the website.